Romanian wedding traditions – Ana-Elena and Bogdan

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Romanian wedding traditions – Ana-Elena and Bogdan

Romanian wedding traditions – Ana-Elena and Bogdan – This took place in the country of vampires (Dracula), garlic and the pan flute. May I also add, the Blue Danube, Tsigane’s and where Sacha Baron Cohen filmed the “Kazakhstan” segment of his film “Borat“.

This is a country where people are extremely passionate. Did I mention Romanians are extremely passionate? And religious. The predominant religion in Romania is Romanian Orthodox, and the church provides much needed hope to the masses. I have to confess I was very moved by not only the church ceremony of Oana and Bogdan, but the other Romanian traditions. It was absolutely amazing. The breaking of the crown bread over the bride’s head, the shaving of the groom’s face by the best man with a blunt knife, the fire water, the accordion playing gypsy, the traditional dancing, the familial circle (a bit like follow the leader but in a giant circle) – it was all absolutely awesome.

I had the time of my life. The last plate of a 7 course dinner consisted of roast potatoes and pork – it was served at 4:00am.

I have to send all of my love to my beautiful family in Romania, Ana-Elena and Bogdan, my uncle Gheorghe, Lenuta, my cousins Oana, Raluca, Ana-Maria – there are too many to name. They really went out of their way to make my stay an unforgettable one.

Multsumesc familia mea!

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