Puti and Johnny at The Boulevard Gardens

 Puti and Johnny at The Boulevard Gardens

It was 35 degrees celsius on this beautiful last day of January 2015, and Brisbane once again really lived up to its reputation and delivered weather worthy of any other hot summer’s day. “Beautiful one day, perfect the next…” – it was hot, it was steamy, it was absolutely breathtakingly fabulous.

The Boulevard Gardens is the venue where the big event took place. Floral dresses and Hawaiian shirts ruled on this day, so did the Haka, beautiful gardens and love. Oh yes, I forgot to mention about the love… it was present and everyone knew it. You could feel it in the air… These two love birds looked amazing together. I told Johny that Puti looked like she just came out of the Miss Niue pageant contest – she was absolutely stunningly gorgeous.

I genuinely love the island vibe – everyone is so friendly and smiling. They really know how to make you feel welcome and that you belong to the group.

Thanks for this fantastic day Puti and Johnny at The Boulevard Gardens!! All the best from Papa Gomez :)

The Couple: Puti and Johnny
Venue: The Boulevard Gardens
Puti's dress by: Zimmerman
Men's hair by: Esquire Male Grooming Salon
Celebrant: Renee Wilkins


… Puti and Johnny at The Boulevard Gardens …

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  1. Puti says:

    Thank you Mr Gomez. lol. You are one true artist that I will recommend to anyone who needs a eye for detail that is outside the square. Henry you shot all the right angles and made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the lens. Even in high temperatures. Most of all your quirky ideas,comedic manner & ready to please attitude made you stand out of all the other photographers I’ve trialled. No one compares. I love each and every photo and can’t wait to blow up the Mr and Mrs Polynesia to billboard size. I am blessed to have a friend like you for life. XoX

  2. Johnathan Vemoa says:

    Thank you soo much Henry for capturing our moments on the day. You are very professional in your line of duty. I truly recommend Henry for special occasions such as mine to any one. Your photos are amazing. Thanks for capturing the war dancing. Really means soo much to me.
    One Love. From a brother to another.

    • Henry Gomez says:

      Hey bro,

      It’s all good. Thank you for your words of appreciation, but the pleasure was all mine :) Let me know when we do the roast pig hey!!

      All my love to you both.
      Papa Gomez

      P.S. I’ll give you the full High Definition video when I catch you guys next.

  3. Fiona says:

    Such a beautiful day and an amazingly beautiful couple. One of those groomsman, the particulary good looking one really took my fancy as well :) amazing photos Henry, great stuff!!!

  4. Jacob Kilby says:

    Great photos! Henry really went out of his way to capture every moment, I saw him at one point clambering through the vegetation. Always on the go, I’m suprised he didn’t get heat stroke! You were a great help and amazing artist Henry, Puti and Johnny have an awesome friend in you!

    • Henry Gomez says:

      Hey Jake!! Thanks for the words dude, much appreciated – it was pretty warm and I tell you what… it was pretty scary having to fight off the spider webs and blue tongue lizards! :) See you and the boys soon!!

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