Hello, my name is Henry Gomez



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Hello, my name is Henry Gomez and I specialise in composed, extra-large wedding and non-wedding photography. I believe I am still currently the only photographer in Australia to offer such images to clients.

This approach to taking photos combines a number of shooting, post-editing and image processing techniques resulting in very high quality, extremely interesting and super high definition images. You can read more about composite photography here.

Obviously there are millions of photographers out there, and I wanted to stand out from the crowd by creating something uniquely original and truly special. Other photographers on various social networks questioned the purpose of taking these ginormous photographs – but when you think about it, wouldn’t you like to take away from your wedding one photograph that embodies the two of you and highlights and shows off  your best characteristics? When you look back at your wedding photos in 30 years’ time (maybe with your grand-children by your side), you will reminisce not only on how in love you both were, but also remember other facets of your life at that time, including interests and physical attributes. Your wedding photo album will contain beautiful photos to look at, but you will also have the beautifully composed photograph that tells a whole story in itself.

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Brides and Grooms also spend thousands of dollars booking fancy venues – most, if not all wedding photos of the venue don’t really make it justice as you don’t see the full picture when taking a single photograph. You either have a photo that shows the bride and groom up close, or a photo of the venue where the bride and groom are tiny little specks hidden in the photograph’s detail. Look at the standard sized photo of myself standing with Puti and Johnny (above) and compare it with the composed photograph on my welcome page. You will see there is a world of difference, and the details of the composed photograph really make the natural backdrop and venue stand out, as well as seeing the newly weds in highly detailed resolution! You could print that photograph on a billboard if you wanted to.

In addition to the Composed Photographs, I also takes pretty wedding photos and create videos from a large sequence of still images processed together. It’s all quite artistic and creative.

I speak four languages, and have traveled and lived all over the world – this makes me culturally sensitive.

I absolutely believe that love is not over-rated, and that it deserves to be captured in a special photograph that tells its very own beautiful story.