Kung-Fu Bride

I’ve never seen anyone who could jump so high in a wedding dress – not only that but to be able to do a Kung-Fu kick at the same time – that’s pretty impressive. You have to say, that’s pretty amazing, being able to stand there and do a flying kick in a wedding dress. I’d never be able to do that!

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Kung-Fu Bride


Wedding at Benowa – Josh & Shannon

Joshua and Shannon tie the knot at the Benowa Botanical Gardens

Joshua and Shannon tie the knot at the Benowa Botanical Gardens on this beautiful first day of Autumn 2014. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining and love was in the air. As a matter of fact, Love was the message and The Benowa Botanical Gardens was the location where Joshua and Shannon became husband and wife.

The beautiful bamboo gardens made a serene backdrop to the calming waters. The sound of rustling leaves in the provincial garden and the soothing trickle of the running creeks and water fountains all came to the party and welcomed the newly weds in their splendid glory. I would suggest you take a stroll to the Benowa Botanical Gardens, even if you don’t plan on getting married – just for the sheer pleasure and relaxation. Benowa Botanical Gardens are located on the Gold Coast. Next time you go for a drive to the beach, make sure you stop and take a look, have a bbq and enjoy the park.

It was an absolute delight photographing these two love birds. Plus, I was even given two wonderful helpers which made things so much easier!

Josh and Shannon, I sincerely wish you both all the very best in your marriage.

Sheraton Mirage Wedding – Tanya + Andrew

Sheraton Mirage Wedding – Tanya + Andrew

Sheraton Mirage Wedding – Tanya + Andrew tied the knot at the beautiful Sheraton Mirage resort on the Gold Coast. Although the weather had spoilt outdoor festivities, the interior decorations and water features were meticulously stylish and brought a pleasant homely feel. There are 2 places I prefer to be when it’s cold and raining outside. The first is in bed at home with a hot bowl of soup and a movie. The second is at a great friend’s wedding, being treated like royalty by the resort staff and served delicious food, red wine and great music.

The newly-weds had a grand entrance at their reception as they were lead by a fantastic Scottish bag pipes playing Scotsmen.  Everyone had a great time, and after dinner, Tanya’s mum broke out some super dance moves as she cut up some rug…  Andrew dug deep in his repertoire and busted out some old school robot moves. (Yes, the robot – see photo).

I have to say that I was not the official Wedding Photographer this instance as Tanya and Andrew wanted us as guests at their wedding. However, had naughty Henry not taken one of his full-frame cameras along and sneakingly shot a few photos you wouldn’t be here right now.

Victoria Park Wedding – Bernie and Justin

Victoria Park Wedding – Bernie and Justin

Victoria Park Wedding – Bernie and Justin told me they had been looking for a wedding photographer when I first met them. They saw me with my camera at a mutual friend’s BBQ, and they asked me if I did wedding photography. I told them I did.

After exchanging mobile numbers, I met them again around 12 months prior to the big day to check out the best spots for photos. We went to the University of Queensland Medical school and saw a few sweet spots. On the wedding day, I found the Victoria Park gold course to be a very nice venue to shoot. The views towards Brisbane city and over the golf course were picturesque. The staff were very friendly but they couldn’t steal the lime light from the newly-weds.

When the reception came to a close, I drove them to Eagle Street Pier and we took a few photos with the Story Bridge in the background.  There were many party goers on the streets as it was Saturday night, and nearly everyone stopped to congratulate them and take a peek at what was going on…

The rest is now history – Bernie and Justin have since become friends of ours and we invite each other for BBQ’s and pizza from time to time.


St Andrew’s uniting Church Brisbane wedding

St Andrew’s uniting Church Brisbane wedding

My good friends Catja and Keane tied the knot in a beautiful St Andrew’s uniting Church Brisbane wedding. I was absolutely blown away by the lead lighting at the church, and the reception took place at the Brisbane International Hotel in Virginia.

They left their St Andrew’s Uniting Church Brisbane wedding in a shiny Rolls Royce, and man, that ride was sweet. When we arrived at the Brisbane International, I caught a glimpse of the most original wedding cake I ever saw. He is an AFL (Australian Football League) player and she is a Swedish Chef… huh, sorry I meant to say Swedish Viking. Yes, that’s absolutely accurate. But you could never tell from their wedding cake!

Although I was not the official wedding photographer (being a close friend and all) I managed to squeeze in a few shots here and there. I have included a few shots here for your enjoying pleasure.

It was a truly memorable day and it was so good to see Catja with such a big smile on her face. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!!

Maleny Manor Wedding Photos – Elle and Jon

Maleny Manor Wedding Photos

Maleny Manor was where it was at. The green pastures, the cows, the undulating hills -personally, I think Maleny is reminiscent of the Swiss prairie at the foothills of the Jura. All you need are cowbells, a little yodelling and those fancily embroidered Lederhosen und Dirndl, and you are there!

The set up at Maleny Manor is extremely picturesque. A few magical touches make it an even more enticing destination for wedding location seekers. Vineyards, stacked wine barrels, a large pond with water feature and over water board walks are all there to make your day a proven success. Everywhere you turn, you see a new ideal spot to take those memorable wedding shots. The atmosphere is calm and serene. The only noise that could be heard (apart for the cows in the distance) were some of the wedding guests’ loud and drunken giggles. These could almost pass for yodelling.

Guests can also spend the night in this relaxing atmosphere. Imagine waking up to a view that stretches as far as the Pacific Ocean and a beautiful break taking sunrise? You can have something to remember these magical moments by if you engage Henry Gomez Photographer to take your Maleny Manor Wedding photos.

If you are looking for a spectacular European like venue that is not too distant from Brisbane, the you will cherish your Maleny Manor Wedding Photos. You will also love the drive to Maleny Manor, you will feel like you are heading to the European country side en route to a beautiful Swiss village wedding.

Maleny Manor is situated on the way to Maleny and is only 87.1 kilometres North of the Brisbane CBD on the Landsborough-Maleny road.

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Romanian wedding traditions – Ana-Elena and Bogdan

Romanian wedding traditions – Ana-Elena and Bogdan

Romanian wedding traditions – Ana-Elena and Bogdan – This took place in the country of vampires (Dracula), garlic and the pan flute. May I also add, the Blue Danube, Tsigane’s and where Sacha Baron Cohen filmed the “Kazakhstan” segment of his film “Borat“.

This is a country where people are extremely passionate. Did I mention Romanians are extremely passionate? And religious. The predominant religion in Romania is Romanian Orthodox, and the church provides much needed hope to the masses. I have to confess I was very moved by not only the church ceremony of Oana and Bogdan, but the other Romanian traditions. It was absolutely amazing. The breaking of the crown bread over the bride’s head, the shaving of the groom’s face by the best man with a blunt knife, the fire water, the accordion playing gypsy, the traditional dancing, the familial circle (a bit like follow the leader but in a giant circle) – it was all absolutely awesome.

I had the time of my life. The last plate of a 7 course dinner consisted of roast potatoes and pork – it was served at 4:00am.

I have to send all of my love to my beautiful family in Romania, Ana-Elena and Bogdan, my uncle Gheorghe, Lenuta, my cousins Oana, Raluca, Ana-Maria – there are too many to name. They really went out of their way to make my stay an unforgettable one.

Multsumesc familia mea!