Puti and Johnny at The Boulevard Gardens

 Puti and Johnny at The Boulevard Gardens

It was 35 degrees celsius on this beautiful last day of January 2015, and Brisbane once again really lived up to its reputation and delivered weather worthy of any other hot summer’s day. “Beautiful one day, perfect the next…” – it was hot, it was steamy, it was absolutely breathtakingly fabulous.

The Boulevard Gardens is the venue where the big event took place. Floral dresses and Hawaiian shirts ruled on this day, so did the Haka, beautiful gardens and love. Oh yes, I forgot to mention about the love… it was present and everyone knew it. You could feel it in the air… These two love birds looked amazing together. I told Johny that Puti looked like she just came out of the Miss Niue pageant contest – she was absolutely stunningly gorgeous.

I genuinely love the island vibe – everyone is so friendly and smiling. They really know how to make you feel welcome and that you belong to the group.

Thanks for this fantastic day Puti and Johnny at The Boulevard Gardens!! All the best from Papa Gomez :)

The Couple: Puti and Johnny
Venue: The Boulevard Gardens
Puti's dress by: Zimmerman
Men's hair by: Esquire Male Grooming Salon
Celebrant: Renee Wilkins


… Puti and Johnny at The Boulevard Gardens …