Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding – Jez and Chris are a truly beautiful couple. We headed to Gabbinbar Homestead a couple of months prior to the wedding so we could get a “feel for it”. I ran some ideas by Jez (i.e. the Kung-Fu bride shot and the video stills) and she immediately said she was keen to do them. How wonderful is that?!!? I told her I wanted to highlight her and Chris’ passion for TaeKwon Do and capture the moment in a timeless composed photograph.

We were a bit saddened to find out that peacocks lose their beautiful plumage in a process called “molting” – just like a deciduous tree (bet you didn’t know that). Say what?? But don’t worry, they grow back when they want to mate and strut their stuff.

But enough about peacocks, this was going to be Jez and Chris’ day and no featherless peafowls would spoil it. I have photos to prove it.

Jez + Chris – Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding 2015 from Henry Gomez Photography on Vimeo.

The Couple: Jez and Chris
Bridal Gown: Brides of Brisbane
Bridesmaids: For Her and For Him
Groom & Groomsmen Suits: David Jones
Venue: Gabbinbar Homestead, Toowoomba
Celebrant: As You Wish Weddings & Ceremonies
Cake: Artisan Cake Couture
Hair & Make-up: Belladonna Brides
Stationary & Decorations: Jesamine Designs
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