Brisbane Composite Wedding Photographer – Henry Gomez

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So what is composite photography?

I use a number of digital photography taking and processing techniques and combine these to create a composite photograph. A composite photograph is basically a very large image that contains many, many more pixels than you could obtain from taking a single shot. This XXL photograph can be zoomed into by using digital photography software to display and emphasise a very high level of detail.

A lot of time, thought and consideration goes into a composite photograph even before a click of the camera’s button has taken place.

Some things that need to be taken into account include:

  • Key features and characteristics of the Bride and Groom (e.g. muscular strength, tattoos, preferred profile side);
  • Personal interests, hobbies and such;
  • Will the wedding attire be suitable for the photograph?
  • Are there any other encroaching factors such as fear of heights, or phobias?
  • Are there any family traditions, or a cultural, religious belief that needs to be emphasized in the photograph (e.g. the bride’s family loves racing cars)

Once all of these points have been taken into account, I will try to come up with a scenario that encompasses all of the above. The composite image should tell the couple’s story – it may not be apparent to others, but it will be apparent to the newlyweds, family and friends as this photo is their story.

Imagine, 30 years from now, when you look back at your wedding photos, you will laugh when you see photos of Uncle Bob getting drunk, you will cry tears of joy when you see the romantic kisses and the holding of hands in the soft light – but the most precious photograph you will take away from your wedding day is the composite photograph – the one photograph that highlights and embodies everything. The extremely high level of detail right down to the colour of your eyes and the goosebumps on your skin at that particular moment.
At theis top of this page is a sample of Jez and Chris’ wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. The first image is the final product and the next 6 photos are zoomed in from the main image.

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